Seriously people, how much more evidence do we need that the toiletbowl of humanity needs flushing?

Every day (it seems) I stumble across more examples that we have failed as a species and begun a precipitous slide towards extinction. Case in point: gender reveal parties. Now when I first read those words I though, “Post-operative transexuals having a few drinks with their mates, what’s wrong with that” but no, that’s not what GRP’s are about. In a single sentence: they are gift-grabbing events staged by expectant parents wanting to cash in before people get bored of their pre-birth baby-obsessed shit. When I realised this, my response was a variation on meh: who cares, except the greedy parents to be? But it did not end there, no, that was just the awful beginning.

Because we live in a world where disagreeing with someone online might be considered libellous, I won’t identify who ignited my fury this time, except to say that it’s the mother of a ‘non-binary child’. Parents throwing GRP’s would be well aware that a lot of people in attendance won’t actually give a shit about the gender of your kid [Kaisson raises hand] knowing that it’s a coin-toss. But here’s where Non-binary Mom chips in: she cautions that the coin may never land, or if it does it might well land on its edge. WTF? Because #LGBTQIA, apparently, that’s WTF. And when a correspondent makes the point below its labelled ‘borderline hate speech’?

Until a child’s birth-sex is deemed legally, medically, and morally irrelevant to the concept of gender, the fight will rage on. Non-binary Mom’s opening salvo (that nobody actually cares about the gender of your kid) should have been her closing line; instead she ignores her own cogent advice by indulging in an epic dissertation about her own non-binary kid/s. I’m sure they are wonderful, but unless I had a child struggling with the whole gender-thing, I could not possibly give a damn. For the 1:2000 kids born intersex, please stop mutilating yourselves, you’re fine just the way you are.


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