I’m having one of those zig-zaggy days where micro-epiphanies dimple the otherwise placid surface of my heat-induced (43.3°C/109.9°F) lassitude. For example, I’ve been meaning to watch Pan’s Labyrinth since, oh I don’t know, 2006, and finally got around to it this morning. I’d already primed myself with various reviews and analyses of the film, most of them firmly hand on dick. I won’t add to the wankery here, except to say the film made me think, which in turn provoked a lazy perusal of other peoples’ lists of ‘intelligent movies’. After rejecting most of them, I came back to where I began the day — a petition at change.org to persuade Apple to add redheads to their emoji mix (which course I supported). I mean, we have Trump emoji now, so why not redheads? By the way — why are the Trump emoji $2.99 USD yet $4.49 AUD when the exchange rate = $4 AUD? Australians getting fuc*ed over again!  Anyway, it all (film + petition + trumpoji) made me think s’more. What new things are we going to need to make sense of the world post January 20th 2017? What kind of films will be inspired over the next four years? What petitions will be drafted, how many will sign, and what effect will they have? What next-generation symbols and images will we produce as shorthand for complex emotions? How quickly will the ‘poop’ emoji and the Trump emoticon produce a hybrid?






Says it all, I reckon.

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