The title is an in-joke — if you don’t get it, be grateful!  It means you have missed out on something which, given the choice, you wouldn’t chose to know about anyway!  The fact that I work in a place known as The ‘riff does not give away much.  Typing it into Google Earth will bring you no joy, and the various map apps do not assist.

I mention it because if there’s a post-apocalyptic novel in me (and there is) then The ‘riff is bound to feature prominently.  I can imagine something along the lines of “Oh my god!  Society has collapsed!  Look! That pregnant fourteen-year old girl’s ankle-tattoo is melting because her cigarette set her ugg-boot on fire!”  Meh.  The locals would just shrug, toss their mullets, and fish out their Winnie Blues.  The apocalypse has already happened in The ‘riff. I blame n-methyl-1-phenyl-propan-2-amine, myself.  Heroin addicts on the nod were so much easier to deal with.

I’ve been busy working, that’s true, but I’ve been even busier writing.  The trinity alluded to in my title is made complete by the daily task of trawling through all the stuff I receive from other wannabe writer’s, blogging madly when (perhaps) a bit of productive silence from them would be more instructive.  Surely their days are only 24 hous long as well?  If I set myself the herculean task of blogging three moderately entertaining paragraphs every day, then when would I do any actual writing?  I guiltily think of Elliot Gould every time I sit down to this:

I giggle like an imbecile every time I listen to that.  Anyway, for fear that this installment is even more Seinfeldian than usual (a blog about nothing) I just jumped on because it lets me put off the housework for another thirty minutes, but also to let you know that I’ve hit one hundred pages in my new novel.  From the feedback I’ve had, it makes my first novel look like an unpolished turd.  If I can find a way to make Google docs work the way it is supposed to, then I will update this with a link so anyone can read it.  Feedback always welcome.  Constructive criticism even more welcome!

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