You know that feeling you get waiting for a bus you know is never going to arrive? It’s much worse than knowing you missed it through some fault of your own.

Well for once I’m not just on the bus, I’m sitting right at the back.

Don’t worry! I’m not selling anything — never have, never will — but sheeeee-jus this Midjourney app is addictive! And useful! Never again will I need to … ahem, borrow another person’s intellectual property to illustrate a point.

Well, not directly at least.

Do I feel bad? Hmm.

I’d struggle to defend myself against an allegation of wilful blindness, knowing that I am not the one producing this wonderful shit.

Even though I don’t exactly understand the how, I know that conjuring images out of thin air by uttering nonsensical cantrips doth not an artist make.

Whose intellectual property is this? Mine? Hmm.

Yes. I’ve seen him somewhere before, too. But where? And how? I just gave birth to him!

All I know for a fact is that somewhere deep in the bowels of the infernal dubya machine is a bunch of goblins knicking stuff off the interwebz and madly splicing them together to create something ‘new’.

Like this. She’s brand new — I ‘made’ her by uttering a string of magic words.

Impressive right? But yeah, she also looks familiar. But she’s not. She’s a new.

New in the way that Terry Brooks, JK Rowling and George RR Martin’s stuff is ‘new’ versions of Tolkien’s.

But until somebody persuades a court of law otherwise, they’re MINE! Which I suspect won’t be too far down the track. So I’d better make hey! while the sun shines, as in Hey! Will you look at THAT! I just made a goldfish!

It’s SO good!

But it’s not really mine is it.

I know what your reaction will be, and I hope it’s the same as mine. Isn’t it a wonderful world? If the universe isn’t smiling with us, it’s smiling at us. The infinite jest.

Now I’ve just got to put this app to the best use.

Instead of tinkering with ‘caucasian female adult with ample figure torso full render UHD 3D volumetric lighting dynamic pose‘ maybe something less juvenile.

It’s time to make some ART, bitches!

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