I am definitely no conspiracist, but the theory that most of the activity on the wwwebz is non-human is appealling, if not logical. The so-called Dead Internet Theory has been circulating awhile, fleshed out in The Atlantic and other places several times this year already, and appears to be gaining traction.

The Atlantic find evidence for the theory that the wwebz are overrun by spiders, trolls, deepfakes and bots in sources such as the ‘Bad Bot Report‘ by security website Imperva, who report 40.8% of all internet traffic in 2020 was bots, down from a whopping 61.3% in 2013.

Just stop and think about that — two-fifths of all Internet traffic is non-human.

An early thesis was posted on Agora Road under the heading The Internet is a Potemkin Village which uses as an example the anomalous and misleading numbers behind search engine hits.

Vast conspiracy? Or, as The Atlantic suggests, is the Internet simply rotting?

Now, in addition to the flesh-and-blood authors of Internet content, we have ‘Advanced Persistent Bots’ which mimic human behaviour and stalk the wwebz from randomised IP addresses, useing anonymous proxies and fake identities. Can you tell them apart? Would you take their advice if you knew they weren’t human?

Looking at you, ‘anjelicaalim93‘!

I’m a normie who remembers the mantra ‘information wants to be free.’ How in the 90’s YouTube was alive with original content creators. We were stealing shit on Napster and getting rickrolled on Limewire. Glory days, which promised a brave new (albeit slightly illegal) world.

Back when the Internet was free, anonymity was assured and content was real, but much of it was also repugnant.

I remember a wilderness seething with Computer Studies undergraduates who treated the www as their own, the Internet’s peculiar standards of netiquette enforced by mods whose main job seemed to be keeping 8chan safe for pedos.

Unfortunately, Computer Science graduates eventually want children of their own, so many oldfags became shills. Paid to create fake traffic and content for dodgy corporate employers. They built the bots! Netizens who are now human shills, present everywhere, uncounted, yet as bad as any bot!

But what absolutly kills Dead Internet Theory for me is the growth of adult content.

The surge in amateur, non-studio, self-published niche porn, revenue from which depends on keeping the watchmyexgf.net algorithm happy, is proof of active and ongoing human involvement on the Internet.

Only when eproctophilia stops trending will I begin to worry.

The Dead Interent Theory is good for a laugh, though. I do love an intelligent conspiracy-theorist. They always bring their A-game to the argument, and the best of them make you pause (maybe not stop) and think.

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