‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’ is one of the more contentious maxims of modern times.

For example, the first page of a Google search demonstrates how polarising the issue remains: one site validates it, another claims it’s dangerous, a third claims it’s “against God” (WTF that means), while a fourth says it’s complete crap.

Psychology Today felt it was ‘especially pertinent’ and pointed to a study that showed a wife’s happiness was the key to a couples’ sexual fulfillment. The Hufington Post quoted a different study, which suggested a wife’s happiness is unaffected by her husband’s satisfaction with their marriage.

Huh? Confusing, right?

Into this mess plops the hapless tradwife.

A tradwife is a woman who chooses a traditional role in marriage, and devotes herself to being the ‘complete’ wife and mother. It’s often described by dumb people as the diametric opposite of the career woman, as if the latter cannot also be superlative wives and mothers, or tradwives cannot achieve more than a perfect red lip.

None of this is particularly revolutionary — women make hard life decisions every day — but lately the mainstream media have begun hinting that behind the perfect pie crusts, wasp waists and 50’s sweater-girl silhouettes is a dark cult of “highly offensive and dangerous attitudes.”

While the better articles (reluctantly) admit that not all tradwives are neo-Nazis, there is almost universal agreement that many women are at risk of being unwittingly indoctrinated by far-right tradwives.

Um, how?

You mean, as opposed to being indoctrinated by far-left career women? Mind you, some of the stuff is fairly repellent. My point is, I think most women will get it.

There’s an arrogance to these articles that many women would find more insulting than the idiotic ideological enticements of the fringe minority who take traditional female roles to an extreme.

But just in case — watch out, all you dummies! Luckily, there’s a lesbian with an Arts degree to save you!

If nothing else, the hijacking of #tradwife by Christians, incels and others on the loony right has created a vast and entertaining repository (I want to say, suppository) of memes that in no way seem likely to sucker some poor, hapless halfwit into their vortex.

“Teaches about Jesus all day long” is in the +ve column!

Ha! Funniest thing I’ve read all week!

Anyway, even if they do sucker a handful of poor, hapless halfwits to their cause, vigilant SJW’s will put them to the axe. We’re all so hostile. Verbotten is any opinion, decision or lifestyle that don’t sync with SJW orthodoxy.

There definitely are some deranged, asocial schizos out there, and they’re not all male. But that’s not the only peril we face.

For decades, people on the sex/gender/race rainbow have fought for their rights. Principally, they fought against discrimination on the basis of sex, gender or race. But now the same people are openly discriminating against women for chosing a lifestyle they don’t personally like?

Karma-bitten Lauren Southern is decidedly less uppity nowdays, but I have to agree with her. How you choose to live is your choice.

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