This blog is a booke of dayes where I diarise things of interest both significant and fleeting to me. At the fleetest end of my interest is Britney Spears. I was never a fan. I have agonised whether #FreeBritney deserves more oxygen; but, all reservations aside, stand-by for my never-to-be-repeated BS post.

It’s no surprise to learn that America produces 89% of all porn, because it totally explains the jailbait fantasy that was Britney’s breakthrough single ‘…Baby One More Time‘ (1998). But it wasn’t just increasingly slutty branding that broke her mind, it was the usual stuff. Money, drugs, and bad company.


The number of celebrities who have come forward to admit they did Britney wrong is, with respect, self-serving bullshit. Nobody stepped up to suggest maybe she put some clothes on for the filming of ‘Toxic‘ (2003) because they were all still cashing-in on her fame. Especially her dad, James ‘Jamie’ Spears.

Britney had to marry Jason Alexander (for 55 hours,) kiss Madonna, shave her head, forget her panties, party with Paris Hilton, and get impregnanted by Kevin Federline before Jamie Spears petitioned a LA court for a conservatorship over her estate, career, and uterus.

That was 2008. Now Britney wants her uterus (and vast fortune) back. Her latest loser-boyfriend wants to fill her with population paste and get her big with baby, thereby guarantee himself an income forever.

Oh, wait, no, it’s because he really truly loves her and she loves him!

Like it or not, and whether it fits the #FreeBritney narrative or not, Spears has been unfit to manage her own affairs since the age of 26. But she’s now 39, so she’s cured right? Except that as recently as 16 December 2020 the court ruled she was not.

But then on 5 February 2021, the New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears exploded, and the world grew a hate-boner for Jamie Spears even a cat couldn’t climb. Forget that Jamie was only one of four court-approved people to manage her affairs, the man is evil incarnate.

That brings the sordid mess up to date in 500 words or less. My opinion is with the masses: free Britney! Give her absolute control over her own money, estates and uterus so she can finish the job she began, and utterly ruin herself one more time.

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