I had my second Pfizer vaccination today. I pause here, because if you’ve read all 433 of my posts, then you’ll know I’ve dropped enough hints as to who I really am, what I do for a living, and even where I live.

That was another clue!

I say this, because a careless blogger I follow (mostly because she’s the polar opposite of me in every way) led me unwittingly to her front door. It took all of four (4) minutes to find where she lives, just from the one post.

Oops, right? Scary how we expose ourselves.

I have to keep reminding myself that this blog, which since 2014 has been little more than an online diary where I mull through my thoughts of the day, is being read by real people.

Unlike the hapless NYC blogger aforementioned, I’ve don’t covet follows, likes, etc. I’m not selling anything, this is not a commercial enterprise, I don’t make a red cent. You won’t see me endorse anything. And most of all, you won’t see me (i.e. me) in every second picture I attach to my posts.

While I’m subsequently safer, I don’t cling to my anonymity because I’m butt-fugly or shy. I do it because I can’t identify myself. I’m not permitted to identify myself. But one day I will, because one day I’ll be free.

See you in 2035.

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