More hilarity from Cancel Culture!

Really, who needs make-believe stories like The Rapture when the planet is already so densely populated with infants whose godlike opinions alter reality? Whoever invented this crazy shit, bravo — your New Age censorship (by-any-other-name) really is the gift that keeps on taking.

Latest SJW misfire: on paper (remember that term?) Alexi McCammond ticks all the boxes. Female, black (sorry, Black), liberal, well-educated, young, and a victim of male oppression who has heroically risen to overcome adversity! Except, whoops, she’s also a racist homophobe. Or was a racist homophone in 2011-12. So her ass is officially CANCELLED.

Love it.

I can’t bear to read her inane apologies. Just tell it to the hand, biatch! McCammond is a two-faced hypocrite, so the timing of her denouement is just exquisite. Recall her attempted take-down of NBA great Charles Barkley:

She refused to accept Barkley’s excuse that it was just a joke, and posted the usual blah about violence against women. Hear me roar! Then, oops! Seems Ms McCammond isn’t too worried about perpetuating racist stereotypes that promote violence against American-Asians, though, right? Or gays.

Oh what a wicked web we weave…

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