The House of Cadifor and it’s ‘patriarchal overlord’ James “@the_infamous_big_dick_jimmy” Davis have once again hit the news, with the BDSM master arrested for sexual enslavement offences. One of his former slaves Felicity Bourke has turned, and the slave-master is in a teeny-weeny bit of legal trouble, but luckily his other five slaves remain staunchly supportive.

As always, the patriarchal overlord’s mistake was hubris.

Cadifor is legal. They have been hiding in plain sight, known to NSW Police and the Feds at least since 2015. No action was taken because the slaves were all consenting adults. It’s not against the law to live in the same house with six women who do everything your ugly male heart could ever desire. Except when you begin sex-trafficking them. Apparently, its legit niche porn for a man to violently punch a young girl in the face while she performs oral sex on him.

Cadifor is legal because they’re ‘consenting’ to being punched violently in the face by grown men…


Davis has always hunted young, wayward girls with an interest in fetish. Posing as a professional photographer, he offers to develop their modelling portfolios. Glamour shoots turn to nude, then to porn. His charisma, and the encouragement of his coterie, ensnare the next victim. But Davis is also smart. He created a self-regulating bubble around them all where his rules were absolute. They willingly wore slave-collars, willingly signed slave-contracts, willingly ‘married’ him.

Just imagine how any fat, bald, 40-year old male suburban nobody would feel, having six beautiful young women worship him absolutely. Davis was so successful in his enterprise that he even published sexual slavery guides on the internet, participated in chat-forums with BDSM fans, created a public website, trained other masters, even began franchising the Cadifor-brand. He was and is a celebrity.

James had seen the light. Having sex endlessly on tap not only desensitises you to extreme and exploitive sex, it makes sex boring. Luckily, James had discovered a business aspect, and began marketing his slaves via brutal videos he published to OnlyFans subscribers, and at live sex parties where ‘impact’ BDSM was the marketing hook.

Imagine a room filled with drunk men pay to play out their rape fantasies by punching, kicking and beating young women.

Fun night out, right?

The media reportage of Cadifor is wholly negative. Too negative, because it feeds the Cadifor cult. The overtly-negative media bias just endorses Davis to more subscribers. Even bad publicity is better than no publicity. Community mores, the staid morals of conservatives, and the opinions of ‘experts’ are driving public condemnation, insisting the women involved must be victims. Cancelling the right for any woman to consent to such treatment, just because society at large wouldn’t consent to living like this.

But, playing Devil’s Advocate for a second, maybe “@the_infamous_big_dick_jimmy” is right: maybe some women just want it.

Willingly, conciously maybe, do some women want to be utterly dominated and defiled by a man? It seems sickening, but there are subservient women and awful men like James Davis among us right now. They could live next door. Are these just nodes in the web of some depraved cult of human sex-trafficking, or part of a burgeoning alternate lifestyle crowd? Is it symptomatic of a decaying and decadent culture, that it’s taken six years for the first criminal allegation to be made? While the courts can provide a legal answer to that, it can’t provide us with all the answers.

The most interesting, unanswered question for me is this: while James Davis may well be The Messiah to a small group of women, how many men out there — fat, bald, 40-year old suburban nobodies — also think he’s a god?

Not me. James will learn a thing or two about sexual slavery when he’s in gaol. We’ll see who wears the collar.

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