More PC hilarity recently from Sydney’s leafy Upper North Shore, after Cheltenham Grrrls High School principal Suellen Lawrence dared to suggest that “stringy, skimpy or revealing” clothes were not appropriate attire at casual dress days. “Please remember, girls there are men teachers in this school and they don’t want to be looking at that either” she added, foolishly.

poor silly

Putting aside that Suellen shouldn’t speak for what male teachers want to look at, one student expressed faux-outrage at the principal’s comments thus: “I thought she would be saying the opposite, and trying to encourage us, and say it’s not OK for the male teachers to be distracted by you.

What? Encourage you to dress like a slut? Wow, the curriculum has changed a bit since I went to school! Another student added a modern conspiracy-flavour to it: “The issue wasn’t about the policy. If a school has a rule, it makes sense for the students to follow it. For them to be so fixated on the male gaze, rather than empowering female students is ridiculous.

Male gaze and female empowerment in one sentence. Yep funny shit. But for once the little harlots are correct! How dare the principal deprive her male staff of eye-candy! Otherwise, why would men teach? Maybe the green-eyed monster reared its head when some young buck in the staffroom was overheard commenting on the nubile totty on parade at the swimming carnival? “What, am I invisible? Nobody looks at me like that anymore,” the principal would cry, reaching for the medicinal brandy.

Because if the ‘male gaze’ is really an issue, then why hire men in the first place. The only reason for appointing male teachers at female schools is the school’s extra-curricular agenda. Male teachers provide the nubiles with a ‘safe space’ to hone their feminist wiles. Society doesn’t cares if another male teacher get accused of pederasty for accidentally glancing at some teenager’s provocatively framed tits. We throw these men onto the pyre every day.

It’s called ‘Education’, stupid.

Apologize, even if innocent? Possibly hire an attorney??

Modern education empowers girls to publicly explore and celebrate their sexuality (whatever that is these days) but forbids any adult man noticing. Has the principal been accused of pederasty for noticing the skimpiness? Only because she’s a woman, I bet. Can you imagine the uproar if a male principal had made the comments! He wouldn’t be uttering abject apologies, he’d be gone. Nope, male teachers are getting re-educated. Even when the young lovelies are thrusting their bits in your face, avert your misogynistic, oppressive, patriarchal, privileged white male gaze!

Because you can’t relax. Men may be wired to notice women, but male teachers must overcome their disgusting, leery, potential-pedo natures. Plus, the cunning wenches WILL notice. They are wired to detect attention, hyper-vigilant for it. So no matter how fleeting, you’ve bitten the forbidden apple, you’re compromised, and she now owns you.

At the very least, she’s going to make your classes together hell.

Luckily, we don’t have to overthink this at all. It will only end when random male misogyny is replaced by universal male gynophobia. Get used to that kitten-heel in the back of your neck, it’s our turn. Girls are scary now.

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