Episode 678 (Part 4) of War Room with Stephen K Bannon included some silly comments. For example, Bannon maintains that America is “a red country with a couple of blue cities and some coastal.”

I appreciate Sloppy Steve has an axe to grind, but he doesn’t seem to get it. Red states are American hinterland. Hinterland, in the Germanic sense, means “the land behind” and an apt segue would be to describe people in red states as “the left behind“. I’m sure Bannon wouldn’t disagree.

As the world knows, Bannon was Trump’s chief political strategist in 2016. Like Trump, he’s no Establishment conservative, but rather a cynical opportunist with his own agenda. In 2018 he disclosed his modest ambitions thus: “All I’m trying to be is the infrastructure, globally, for the global populist movement.” For populist, read ‘the left behind’.

Picture a pale bloated spider in the middle of a web. Bannon at the epicentre of a darknet Cambridge Analytica v.2 selling his influence to desperate demagogues worldwide. I mean, why change the record? Steve knows all the words, and the tune is still so popular.

Unfortunately, you lay down with dogs and wake up with fleas. Bannon definitely has the look nowadays of a flea-bitten parolee desperate to fill his pockets, but who only knows one trick: the life of crime. He’d like to go straight, but he’s a huckster with no moral compass.

I wonder if Bannon’s ambitions changed when Trump exiled him to the hinterland. If revenge entered the equation. A drug dealer’s business plan must include some time in the SHU, so if you peddle lies for a living then surely you’d factor in some time in the political wilderness? What did Bannon discover in America’s hinterland with the others left behind?

Like all who manage others’ affairs, Bannon will get his fat stacks whether the client’s fortunes prosper or not. If in the process he gets to deliver some payback to those who betrayed him, well, that’s just another ambitious blonde fly caught in his web.

Remember, honey badger don’t give a shit.

Ivanka may want to rethink her plans.

I might keep an eye on this fool.

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