Our Prime Minister has profited by the poor comparisons of overseas leaders. In the UK, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s early complacency and stubborn pursuit of herd immunity has lead to a COVID disaster; Scott Morrison was quick off the mark to describe the UK strategy as a ‘death sentence‘. But in the US, where Donald John Trump’s early COVID complacency and stubborn pursuit of re-election killed hundreds of millions of people, Scott Morrison has failed to criticise Trump for anything.

Perhaps it was just quid pro quo. Morrison gets awarded the Legion of Merit for (hah) “leadership in addressing global challenges” and promoting “collective security” between the two nations — ie acting as a human shield for a weakened US against China — in exchange for his supportive silence.

As recently as July 2019, Morrison described Trump as a strong leader who will always “follow through on what he says”. He then went on to opine that “Australia believes in what Ronald Reagan called the ‘truths and traditions’ that define the United States. We stand together in these self-evident truths. We stand together for personal liberty and freedom. For democracy and the ballot box. For the rule of law, and freedom of association. For free economies and free peoples.

Oh laff. Democracy and the ballot box. Morrison hangs on in Oz by the slimmest wafer, and we all saw what Trump thinks of democracy on January 6th. Unlike the US we haven’t dumped our tinpot tyrant yet. Instead, the sycophantic shill retains office, basking in his comparative popularity when he ought to be fighting for his political life.

Robert Kennedy once warned us to guard against the dangers of futility, expediency, timidity and comfort. I’m living it: I don’t believe anything that smirking retard says, but what can I do about it? Plus, life is so fraught and chaotic right now with COVID and our busted economy that maybe my concerns should wait? Also, I’m reluctant to speak up because every contrarian voice gets deleted these days. But I’ve got a good job, a stable family, and my health: so maybe I should just forget about it… Good advice Bobby, but also dangerous advice. We all remember what happened next.

Scotty has got us over a barrel, for now. Nobody has forgotten how Scotty went holidaying in Hawaii whle Australia burned. Nobody likes his Hillsong-chanting, bible-thumping Christian hypocrisy. We groaned at his petulant tantrum when some Chinese artist posted a fake image of an Aussie soldier killing some brown kid. We endured his obsequious, ass-licking besties relationship with The Loser Donald Trump. But mostly we’re sick of all the fake daggy-dad, Blundstone-wearing, beer-chugging, pie-eating, average Aussie guy bullshit.

But, unlike the US, we’re stuck with this idiot until 2022.

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