József Szájer is (sorry, was) a member of the ultra-conservative Fidesz party and a dominant player in Hungarian politics since his party secured a supermajority in 2010. Hungary sees itself in 2020 as an ‘illiberal democracy’ ideologically aligned with TripAdvisor recommended tourist hotspots like Turkey, China and Russia. At the top of their white supremacist hit-list are foreigners, homeless people, independent judiciary, the free press, fair elections, and ‘deviance’. Since 2012 there’s been a strong push to purge the country of ‘deviants’ whose mores are incompatible with the ruling elite’s Christian zealotry.

How funny then, that one of the Fidesz parties founding member József Szájer was caught ‘shimmying down a drainpipe’ to elude Belgian police after they responded to an all-male sex orgy above a gay bar in Brussels. Szájer was later found to have an eccy in his pocket: “It’s not mine,” pleaded Szájer, “I don’t know who placed it and how.” Two other party-goers relied on diplomatic immunity to duck charges. Party host David Manzheley told a Belgian newspaper “We talk a bit, we drink something — just like in a cafe. The only difference is that we also have sex with each other.”

Ah you Christians. Everything’s immoral except your endless hypocrisy.

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