… and statistics.

Preserved here, in case some well-meaning liberal ‘accidentally’ erases reality in an attempt to substitute their own, the numbers from the Bureau of Justice Statistics showing that white on black violence in the US is one-tenth of black on white violence.

Grab the Full Report here while you still can.

It’s okay if you don’t ‘like’ or comment on this post, I get it, you’re all scared.  The fear of being outed as falling out of lock-step with the BLM movement must be terrifyingly real for those with overly-online lives.  And then there’s those who are now underemployed as a result of the plague, subsisting as well as they can on their side hustles.  Advertisers and web hosts alike are shit scared of anything controversial that might affect their income, so the chances of me disappearing from WordPress have become staggeringly greater.  Luckily this doesn’t earn me a dime.

Think for yourself, is what I advocate.  If this has become thoughtcrime, then god help us all.

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