Police here in NSW opposed the BLM rally in Sydney because the attendance numbers blew out to 50,000. Cowing to public pressure, the Supreme Court decision was overruled on appeal and the protest went ahead, only a tiny bit (30,000) less attended than promised.

I laugh my man-boobs off whenever dickbrains try to take on the cops. Police herding protesters onto trains at Central always invites the biff because it’s a chokepoint, and these imbeciles are thirsting for their zero IBU hipster hazy IPA served in a mason jar on the balcony of mummy’s weekender at Vaucluse while they feverishly update IG.

On cue, some loser gives the cops an excuse and out comes the pepper spray. Personally, I love hearing the whiny bitches cry after the OC starts to bite.

Sounds like victory to me.

Imagine hosting a party for 50,000 people and less than half turn up.

The simple fact is, Australians don’t give a shit.

There were more people picking apples in Bilpin this weekend than there were protesting police violence in the streets of Sydney. What does that tell you except that there’s nothing finer in the world than fresh-baked apple pie with a scoop of home-churned vanilla icecream.

The hipsters could have spent their time more wisely supporting local businesses after the double-whammy of bushfires and pandemic restrictions by buying pie. Instead, they try to provoke our infinitely patient police into a display of brutality.

Sucks to be you, lady.

Not what you’re usually washing out of your hair after a busy Sunday night, is it.

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