Videos first, then cometh the lesson. First the original, then the sequel (because the first was so popular). then the sinister 2016 Chinese rip-off.

The last commercial remains ‘temporarily hidden’ on Baidu, who promised ‘after the illegal and harmful information is cleaned up, the normal posts will be visible again.’ Yeah, and maybe Kim Jong Un will get bored of romping among his pleasure squad of underage teenage girls, and mount his trusty unicorn to sprinkle magical fairy dust over the world and cure everyone of the coronavirus. Or not. Anyway, funnily enough, the ad is widely available on other media platforms, so why does it remain hidden from the local population?

Are we surprised there’s more racism every day? With so many calling this ‘the Chinese virus’ and much angry talk about ‘making China pay’ so little discussion centres on the ugly fact that the disease originated in China but we spread it among ourselves. No, let’s dodge that issue, and focus on getting some proper hate going for the Orientals. With Presidents and Prime Ministers endorsing them, the wave of sinophobic hate is washing the world white again. But let’s put that into balance, because many Chinese hate us back just as bad, and they hate Africans even more. So whether you’re hak gwái  or bak gwái , we’re all Western devils (gwáilóu) to them: threatening the precious 5,000 year Chinese monocultural sovereignty of the Middle Kingdom.

Racism will never go away, because we refuse to trust people that are different. Two arms, two legs, two ears, two eyes, one mouth, one heart, one voice, one life. But, like, yellow skin? Brown skin? Black skin? White skin??

Foreign devils, all of them.

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