Imperious, he sneered as if he’d just carved her from clay
Turn your head, he ordered.  No! The other way!
Lift your chin to let the light catch in your eyes
Now spread your legs to let it glint between your thighs.
Give me that look, the face you bare when roused from bed
Tousle your sweaty hair, and shake your head.
Stop crying! In an hour you’ll meet the train
That takes you home, back from where you came.
Remember: this world you covet is yours but for a minute.
Never forget your place outside, nor my place in it.
I am your passport, your boarding pass and key
To any place your dreams might go, wherever that may be
Without me you are nothing, now and in the future
So bare your breasts my little love, and come closer.
Erik Kaisson, 2019

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