When did she stop being loved?

The day you left, or some time before;

Did she feel it in her heart, her gut, her womb

The day her love walked out the room.


When did you stop feeling wanted?

The day she left, or was it later;

How did it feel in your mind, your gut, your balls

The day she began screening your calls.


When did you end as a couple?

The day you found new stars to orbit;

Celestial bodies, no longer moving in tandem

Instead began passing at random.


When did you stop feeling angry?

The day you both started healing;

Found opportunity and motive to keep moving

And discovered, every day, you’re improving.


When the reasons that brought you together

Scarce remembered, seem to no longer matter

Don’t write it all off as an error

You’re not the same as you were when you met her.


“Two unhappy people make four happy people”

I may have mauled that, but you get the idea

That the arithmetic of relationships ending

Uses the same formula as those just beginning.



Erik Kaisson, 2017

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