If you see me alone at a table for two,

I’m not looking for pity, it’s just what I do.

When you’re out together, laughing aloud,

Don’t think that I’m sad not to be in your crowd.


Sometimes I’m discovered alone with a book,

I don’t care if you snigger, don’t mind if you look,

Won’t take offense if you sneer at the Classics

(they’re often quite tricky, those polysyllabics).


One mouth, two ears: perhaps no coincidence?

Maybe it’s time we tried something different?

I’ll speak up some more, if you talk half as much.

Might give you a peek if you look but don’t touch.


You’ll see that our difference is less than it seems,

First goes a leader, then comes the team.

Think for yourself and there will come a day

You’ll catch up the introvert showing the way.



Erik Kaisson, 2017





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