Don’t worry, first impressions aren’t everything.

The mutter of thunder, of lightning discharging,

That hot, early flutter through grass of winds stalking,

Is just salamanders waking, little stomachs aching.


As a single orbit speaks nothing of the sun.

New worlds’ discovered, maps redrawn, work begun,

Beware hic sunt dracones, nothing won ’til it’s won,

Fate keeps her secrets, green-eyed ’til she’s done.


Choose ignorance if you want to live ‘free’,

Not knowing, wisdom-tempered, what is or might be,

Of all that you were, have become, may have been,

Alludes to illusions you chose to believe.


We’re the sum of our lives, not who we seemed at the start

This drama unwritten, no script for each part

So write your own lines, my love, right from the heart,

Our roles, be they fleeting, made immortal in art.



Erik Kaisson, 2017














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