CNN tells me this morning that we’re only 1.1 million miles shy of an extinction-level event today as a massive asteroid whips past the Earth. But I wasn’t worried, because we have a posse of decrepit former action-heroes waiting in space suits to deflect it’s apocalyptic course. I’m even more confident of our survival because we’re in the USA and, notwithstanding the grisly death of heaps of unattractive non-Caucasian persons, pretty white folk like us always prevail. The only problem is that I don’t take steroids and shave my chest; it doesn’t help that my wife’s boobs are 100% real, either. Maybe we’re toast after all.

Anyway, our day began with the 6 train to Brooklyn for another lap over the bridge to purchase secret gift for one of our children. It was a fairly brisk 45℉ (7℃) but we powered along and didn’t really feel it. Coffee and a little retail therapy before we crossed back over to Manhattan and took the subway to 86th and Lexington, where our afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art began. Our first chance to whip out the New York Pass. After that, it was all about the arms and armour, busts of famous Romans, stolen antiquities, and .. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!

After that nasty shock, lunch in the Petrie Court Cafe (try the pulled-chicken club) then home through the bottom-half of Central Park. Watched the model boats sailing in Conservatory Water, and let my wife think she was taking a stealthy photo of me examining the statue of Hans Christian Andersen. Squirrels both grey and black were everywhere, a dude walking his cat on a leash would you believe, and the ubiquitous food vendors. That beautiful, famous park in early bloom, wreathed in new green growth and pink petals. 21,600 steps for the day and every one of them was worth it.

Something I haven’t mentioned yet is our hotels complimentary wine & cheese evenings in the reading room. Perfect way to wind down, but also a massive trap. I know this won’t be the rule, but so far we’ve spent our evenings at home-base. With so many nocturnal activities at our fingertips, we’ve done none of them. Our days have all been a little overwhelming: NYC may not need to sleep, but I do! I’m excited that we’re here long enough to see the city wake up from winter, to see the ugly duckling take flight as a beautiful swan.

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