The US has just asked Australia to join them in bombing ISIL in Syria.  This is kind of like your employer “asking” you to work a couple hours overtime, or your girlfriend asking you how she looks in those jeans.  In the present case, it will be a useful illustration of how neutered and docile we’ve become at the end of the Coalition leash.  I, for one, am not happy about that.  Isn’t it time we reclaimed our balls?  Isn’t it time the worm turned?  But we all know what it’s actually about:

This request comes despite analysis last week by the Joint Chief of Operations, Vice Admiral David Johnston, who says Australia’s contribution would not be a game-changer.  Ineffectual, in other words.  But because a dog’s loyalty must be tested periodically, I have no doubt we will be launching air strikes against preschools in Aleppo before sundown.  For me, the phrase “collateral damage” always comes to mind, because there’s no such thing as a surgical strike unless you’re standing behind the bastard with a knife.

Instead, I find myself in a country where politicians have made it a criminal offence to go overseas and fight for a cause you believe in; while at the same time sending troops overseas to fight for a cause the may NOT believe in.  WTF? And to facilitate the willing suspension of disbelief, let’s demonise the people we’re setting off to kill as EVIL and not just different.  And what to do with all of the angry, isolated,radicalised  young jihadists we are creating?  Stop them from going overseas to be used as human shields by ISIL.  Pure genius, Tony.  I just can’t understand why people hate you so much


Oh, hang on, I just remembered …

Instead, let’s try thinking for ourselves.  I know this is easier said than done.  Without giving away anything inappropriate, I was juggling two deceased and two robberies (one aggravated, the other armed) the other night, when I received an unexpected call from my boss.  He told me, somewhat flustered, that Region were en-route to conduct a snap audit.  He launched into instructions, then paused and asked if I was in the office.  “No, I’m in the field coordinating two dead’uns and two robberies.”  And then the pregnant pause.

THAT is what Mr Obama needs to hear at the end of the phone line.  The pause that throws it all back on him.  Our PM needs to find a spine, put the negative polls aside, and calmly tell the President of the United States something he doesn’t want to hear: namely, that Australians are fairly content with our contribution so far, and unless there’s are exigent reasons for this to change, we politely decline the request.  But, really, what are the chances of that happening, do you think.  Four-fifth’s of fuck all.

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