You may have guessed from the affectionate rendition of my protagonist’s pet, Chief (“half cat, half Thylacoleo Carnifex”), that I am a cat person.  You wouldn’t think it, but this tiny admission represents a huge breach of pseudonymity, because cat people tend to be introverted, open-minded, non-conformist and more intelligent than dog lovers.  I won’t debate this, it is quite clearly correct, so suffer the slings and arrows, dog people, slings and arrows!  But you know me a little better for the admission, and you know D/Sgt John Mora a little better too.  Can’t be a bad thing.

That said, is it harder for a dog person to get into the character of a cat person character.  Do you find yourself shouting, “Just DO something!  Enough of the stream-of-consciousness bullshit already!  Just whack it with your sword!”  I get that a little reading the classics.  Austen and the Brontës, especially.  Pride and Prejudice?  Like watching paint dry.  So maybe I am an energetic cat person?  I like the sort of novel Jane Austen might have written if she spent a torrid night with Lord Byron and woke up inexplicably wearing Nietzsche’s moustache.  The abyss gazes back, sort of novel.

Back to cats, though.  I have two of them, and unscientific rumour hold firmly that cats are only capable of four facial emotions.  One cat (Harry) is limited to hungry, sleepy, crazy, and not-quite-hungry-more-like-peckish in his facial features.  The other cat (Hugo) oscillates between inquisitiveness, attentiveness, cunning-ness (?), and his default “WTF is he doing with that remote?  I’m going to have to reprogram the television all over again tonight!” expression of pure, humans-are-stupid, frustration.  I know people with jobs who are dumber than Hugo, but I also once picked up a piece of wood more intelligent than poor Harry!  He is a himbo.

Now if you think this is just a wordy excuse for posting cat pictures then you are definitely a cat lover.  If you are still stuck on the Austen/Byron/Nietzsche mash-up, well, umm, woof-woof?!  Where’s the blog?  Go on!  Where’s the blog?!

Harry and Hugo:

Harry 10 Weeks (1)Hugo 11 Weeks (30)







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