Now that interest rates are again on the move, Australia’s favourite hobby is back: bashing the banks for making profits by tricking good-looking people into massive debt.

Poster girl for the benighted generation is Tarryn Hendry from Brisbane.

Tarryn’s tale of woe goes something like this: “I’m hot, so, like, where’s my property portfolio?” Having to save up for things is just so fucking boring, isn’t it kids?

Tarryn’s worry is that the value of her recently-acquired home falls while interest rates rise, thus losing the equity she could have spent on life’s other necessities.

It’s just not fair.

Daddy called you ‘princess’ and blokes queue up to buy you drinks. This mean you’re entitled to that Lamborghini. I don’t recall the brothers Grimm saying anything about negative equity.

The gig economy is working hard to help Tarryn. You can can reserve Tarryn for a modelling gig, if she’s not busy sipping Moët in the pool like some filthy homeless person.

Damn those evil bankers!

I’ve got nothing against Tarryn from Brisbane, or any of the other Tarryns for that matter. Except for the fact that — given the Sydbourne infatuation with property and pretty people — we’ll be seeing much more of Tarryn.

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