Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister of Great Britain, not some random dumbfuck. Yet who was surprised to hear (after enacting strict laws forbidding social gatherings) how Boris got caught sneaking out the back of Number 10 for a sly pint with a couple a hundred mates?

Not me.

So if it’s okay for heads of state to hold COVID parties, then why not the rest of us? Parents have been deliberately exposing their kids to COVID since Day 1. Do a little snooping on the www and you’ll find as many advocates for this (ahem) strategy as there are opponents.

Sure, the proponents may not be fancy-ass “medical doctors” but hey, heads of state and all that.

Even without the findings that children exposed to COVID run the risk of being hospitalised with multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) and as-yet unquantified side effects of “long COVID,” most would still describe this practice as a “very bad idea.”

But as they say, you can’t fight stupid.

Fighting stupid every day, Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, technical COVID-19 lead at the WHO, delivered the smack-down on COVID parties in a recent press release. “That is very unsafe,” she said. I bet hearing that from a 44-year old epidemiologist will make ’em sit up and listen!

Very unsafe.

Except it didn’t.

Some COVID parties now include prize money for the first attendee who tests positive. A plane-load of Canadians are stuck in Mexico after an aerial COVID party stunt backfired. Most are now sick and/or facing prosecution.

Yup, it’s reached next-level stupid. But I think peak-stupid is still ahead of us. I’m sure there are influencers out there capable of doing something exponentially stupider than vapes on a plane.

But because living large in 2022 means posing for a defiant selfie, we all need a signature move. Boris Johnson’s hair-mauling false remorse. Scott Morrison’s resting smirk-face. Joe Biden’s nailed it with his whatever it is. Even Donald “Will-I-Won’t-I?” Trump seems ready.

If heads of state and DJT are proudly doing dumb shit and inviting the virus into their lives, then what about the rest of us? What will you do in 2022 to rebel against The Man? I might go for something subtle and non-virusy, like never wearing underpants ever again (not always that subtle) or something classic, like flying too close to the sun.

Kaisson only has one request. No matter how you choose to showcase your hubris, make sure you selfie it!

Because stupid always makes for funny shit.

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